Friday, September 26, 2008

Media Savvy!

Amy and I were lucky enough to catch Katie Couric's interview of Republican vp. candiate Sarah Palin last night. Wow. It was uncomfortable to say the least - it reminded me of the unholy sounds that pigs make when they eat their young. OK - thats graphic. It made us cringe at first, but being 2 patient liberal-types we figured that despite a lack of obvious polish in delivery she might actually have some good nuggets to hear, content-wise. Or at least another hockey-mom joke. But alas, no. Although she used words that were by themselves recognizable in the English language the way she assembled them was not consistent with generally-accepted grammatical syntax. I though maybe at first it was an Alaskan pig-latin dialect. Even Amy was confused - and she teaches ESL. It was almost as if someone in the green room, before the broadcast, hit her over the head with a blunt object and said 'go talk about the Russians' to Katie. I thought that after being sheltered by her campaign managers from the media for the last few weeks she would've been given some interview-coaching, or a crash course in political oratory, but maybe she had a series of strokes instead. Ironically, she makes Georgie Bush sound like an elder statesman instead of the feckless foundling that he is. I wonder if McCain ever meets with them alone and thinks he's is some sort of bizarro sci-fi movie, like he's the only man on a Planet of the Apes. In any event - the need for Obama to win is clearly stronger now than ever before, but I imagine we'll be saying this a few more times before this campaign circus ends.


Anonymous said...

Katie for VP!

Kyle said...

I am seriously tuning into this at work tomorrow. It starts around 11 am local time, and I've got CSPAN bookmarked on the work machine.

The VP debate is even being broadcast live (!!!) on Aussie TV. This stuff is big news, even here in the Antipodes.

Mark my words: If McCain/Palin win this November, I'm totally leaving N. America.

Kyle said...

Oh hell no!