Friday, October 17, 2008

Post-Election Post

Going through Canadian federal elections is a disappointing process, like watching a Canucks game. There's plenty of hope, anticipation of needed change and an exuberance of positive potentialalities, but then they kick you in the ass. You're left to wonder if just shouldn't have skipped the gong-show and gone directly to banging your head on a wall. It really makes me wonder just what people think of this world we live in and and how our political system shapes it. In these 'uncertain times' ( the new buzzword for the inevitable environmental and economic collapse) both globally, and nationally, (see issues such as a lack of comprehensive social programs (daycare, housing, etc.), increasing militarization and connection to our aggressive and isolated neighbour, etc.) most people think a continued Conservative government is the way to go? Wow. The party that doesn't recognize Kyoto, killed corporate capital taxes, is anti-carbon taxes, increased military budgets, repeatedly refers to Quebec as a nation, didn't recommend a national daycare or housing program....this is who we're getting behind? Wow. I'm on the wrong page - I'm looking at the Communist Party of Canada website and thinking 'great ideas, bad rep' - I'm thinking Elizabeth May would be a breath of fresh air in Parliament, I'm thinking what does it mean when the NDP can't elect a candidate is Saskatchewan, birthplace of Canadian socialism? Is the scope and complexity of Canadian political discourse really reflected by this current structure we have? Ugh, Conservative or Liberal, ugh.
Looks like we're in trouble - maybe getting into the back pocket of our next door neighbour Super Power isn't such a bad idea....

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