Sunday, November 08, 2009

Swine Flu update

Life may imitate art, and it probably imitates blogs....

5 months after blogging about the then new swine flu issue I came down with a pretty strong bout of sickness myself. For the better part of a week I slugged around our suite - feeling like a zombie and cursing all those who had breathed on me recently. I never saw a doctor and don't know if it was swine flu, but I had certainly not been that ill since my sister and I had the chicken pox in elementary school.

Currently, Canada has ordered a dose of H1N1 vaccination for every citizen, but delivery has been slow and problematic - doses are late getting to doctors and clinics, and que-jumpers are sneaking past children to get it (ie. Calgary Flames players). Most people won't get it before the flu peaks, and it will probably effect the upcoming Olympics as well.

A few co-workers have become sick as well as several people I know, but an actual diagnosis is rarely given, or needed and life goes on.

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