Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Swine Flu!

Well, its not the bird flu I predicted, but the overdue pandemic could be upon us.  Just a few quick thoughts on the swine flu outbreak (then I need to wash my hands):

- could they (the Man) not just have closed the border as early possible? I know the WHO said basically that the cat (pig?) was out of the bag already, but wouldn't it have bought some cities some much needed time to prepare?
- what does it mean when, in a state of panic, I get a facemask just for myself and not my wife (I love you honey We're going to grow old together!)
- why does the outbreak seem to have dire consequences in Mexico, but only mild symptoms (mostly) in non-Mexicans?
- how can health officials and ploticians say we have a coordinated pandemic plan when hospitals, schools, businesses are all responding differently? I especially like it when hospitals send symptomatic people home before confirming their diagnosis and then asking them to self-quarantine. Thats MART!
- I think it also makes sense, when you don't know how a new flu strain works, to continue asking people to eat the animal that it came from - I mean why err on the side of caution when there is so much good pork to eat out there? 
- and finally, why take the time to prepare now, even though this outbreak is now looking minor, for something worse? It's easy to buy pandemic supplies when there's a run on them and it'll be easy to make safety policy when staff are off sick....

Am I stupid or what?

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