Friday, November 11, 2005

Update: Little Sister

For friends and family that are wondering what new adventures Little Sister has embarked upon you will be tickled to hear that she has escaped north. She is currently residing in Port Hardy and has begun her teaching career as a substitute teacher in and around that community. She is living in a cabin at a local fishing lodge and has recently gone 'clam digging' as the locals call it. Apparently, these mollusk-like 'clams' live in sand at various beaches on the island and are considered somewhat of a delicacy; being either eaten fresh from their shell or boiled in a pot and accompanied by a malt beverage. What curious wonders these are! I have encouraged her to send forth photos of these and similiar goings-on in the hopes of sharing them with our fascinated audience.


nik said...

ah,clams, be sure to avoid the bearded ones....hehehe

nik said...

Teaching....forming tomorrow's youth---today...recruiting cheap troops...implementing day-long containment procedcures, Call it what you will. Union and proud.