Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Wild Cat of Wiebe Road

Never has such a tempestous beast terrorized men of the greatest courage and honor. Also known as the 'Calico Cougar of Peden Hill', this tri-color terror preys on unsuspecting house guests and was responsible for the 'Tube Sock Massacre of 2005'. Silently stalking unwitting lower extremities and pouncing on dozing peasants. Inquisitive minds have queried questioningly; 'have the cat and dog met?'. The answer is yes; Willy was enthusiastically curious about the new feline and they approached each other with trepidation. At that certain moment, when the next move would dictate all future encounters, Willy pushed forward his long beak towards the wild cat. In a reactive move worthy of its own yoga name, the beast flipped back, wheeled and struck out at Willy - catching him on his nose with an unsheathed claw. All sorts of pandemonium erupted - animals hair of both filled the room and the hardwood floors became a virtual ice rink of sliding feet. Needless to say they never met again.

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god said...

dude is looking huge. growing at an incredible pace. stop feeding him small children.