Sunday, November 26, 2006

its a winter wonderland!

In the midst of a boil water advisory (courtesy of recent Pacific rainstorm) the rain turned to big juicy snowflakes and covered the city. It was almost enough to remind me of home; although back in PG it was -36 C. at the same time. So although we are surrounded, covered and pelted with water in various forms we unable to drink any of it. Stores have been continually sold out of bottled water and I refuse to begin drinking my urine. We've been getting fresh water from the farm in Squamish - trucked right to our door by family. I am eagerly anticipating the traffic chaos to ensue tomorrow and hope to observe the famously bad winter drivers of the lower mainland, but dont ask me yet if I have winters on my new used Corolla (pics of my old subie are forthcoming).

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