Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Moment in Time

Pictured above is one of the rarest of moments - when 2 special beings meet on a bridge. This meeting was one of the most momentous of the early 21st century - on the left is the reclusive orthnographist Ms. Nepple and on the right is raconteur Ms. Fip. After years of empassioned debate on several key words and phrases in the English language the two, at the relentless request of the international community, met at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park to hammer out an agreement on usage, spelling and intellectual property rights. In addition, they also pet a dog - later named Tundra by historians. The subsequent increase in the phrase 'be all thumbs' in regional circles of the intelligentsia and the word 'weal' are directly attributed to this occasion. Ms. Nepple went on to found the Order of Purple Mammals, a literary group loosely associated with books. Ms. Fip began a steady slipping, emotionally and professionally, and soon thereafter refused to pronouce any words begininng with 'ph'.

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