Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Digs!

After many weeks of packing, re-packing, driving, job-hunting, apartment-hunting and more driving we have finally ended our journey at Vancouver's North Shore. In strict geo-spatial terms we reside in the City of North Vancouver, located in the District of North Vancouver. What a strange and wonderful place my new mega-city is! Even the geograpy is sophisticated; there's West Van, North Van (west of West Van), the west side, the west end, and East Van (east of Van Van). I've already got 2 parking tickets (damn fire hydrants!) and been the victim...uh, instigator of road rage (damn turbo!). Here are a few pics of our new neighbourhood; the 2nd pic is looking south across the Burrard Inlet - one can see Canada Place and the Harbour Tower in the background. The 3rd pic is taken looking north from the end of the public pier at what used to be the home of Burrard Dry Dock Company, of BC's largest Canada's largest builders of merchant marine vessels during World War II. The 1st pic shows the MV Burrard Beaver, Vancouver Transit's 'seabus' that ferries foot passengers across the inlet 19 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to being a steadfast and invaluable link in the daily commute the Beaver was also successful in 2 marine rescues in 2ooo.


Anonymous said...

in a widely unreported election day result, d'man was voted off the shore because he is not aware of west van being west of north van. go home. now.

Kyle said...

Don't forget that there are 2 North Vans - City of and District of. To make things more confusing, the District lies within the bounds of the City.

2 councils, 2 mayors.

Enjoy the bridges, sucka!